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Category: Profi
Intended use: Massif, composite, plastics

The TWINGO brushing machine serves for processing of surfaces of small and medium-size workpieces from wood or composite materials produced on the basis of wood and some plastic substances.

With respect to these properties the TWINGO brushing machine is used for small and medium-size
wood-processing companies and manning of the machine is ensured by two persons.

Interesting product

  • multipurpose machine with the option of simple tool replacement – brushes, as per the type of required work

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The brushing machine Twingo is multipurpose device designed for:

  • cleaning the surface after former operations, e.g. after milling, thickening, and grinding as a preparation for the following operations of surface adjustments, e.g. varnishing, staining, waxing, etc. For this purpose the operating brushes are used with natural or synthetic fibres of low hardness.
  • surface polishing after former operations such as fine grinding, waxing, staining, etc. For this purpose the operating tools are used – disks made on textile base, various polishing felt, etc.
  • the completion fine grinding on formerly machined workpieces after former rough grinding, milling etc. For this purpose, the work tools are used – brushes made of e.g. grinding materials slips on textile or paper mat, potentially special discs fitted with fibres containing the grinding components, or discs with combined grinding slips and fibres.
  • surface treatment, structuring, and graining. These work processes are used for surface treatment of the workpieces made mostly of massif. The goal of the procesuders is the creation or highlighting of the wood natural structure. For this purpose, a wide product range of operating tools is supplied – brushes. The selection of suitable tool is based on the requirement of the work procedure and the resulting required structure. The work parts of the tools in this case are made of natural, synthetic, and metal fibres of various features
Work width mm 300
Maximum workpiece height mm 300
Feed belt speed 300 B, BB m/min 4,5 / 9
Motor power 300 B, BB kW 1 x 4, 2 x 4
Work tool diameter 300 B, BB mm 120 - 300
Work tool length 300 B, BB mm 300
Work tool rpm 300 B, BB ot./min 1140
Machine length 300 B, BB mm 1040, 1610
Machine width 300 B, BB mm 760, 760
Machine height 300 B, BB mm 1450
Weight 300 B, BB kg 510, 690

Standard equipment

  • motor 1 x 4 kW / 1 x 5,5 HP (300 B)
  • motor 2 x 4 kW / 2 x 5,5 HP (300 BB)
  • tool circular diameter 120 - 300 mm
  • independent height setting 1. and 2. operating unit
  • clamping shaft diameter 40 mm
  • rubber coated thrust rollers height adjustable
  • electric lift of operating units+ scale with desk height indicator
  • automatic switching - star / triangle
  • two speeds of feeding belt 4,5/9 - m/min
  • the machine excludes working tool
  • CE electric and safety standard

Optional accessories

  • motor 5,5 kW / 7,5 HP
  • motor 7,5kW / 10 HP
  • el. desk position measuring with dig. Indicator for one working unit
  • frequency converter of feeding belt speed 3 - 12m/min
  • frequency converter of the main motor- belt speed 3-24m/s
  • automatic centering of feeding belt
  • operating desk extension- inlet
  • operating desk extension- outlet
  • vacuum desk
  • air pump 2,2 kW
  • ammeter for motor currents measuring
  • brush steel D=150 mm
  • brush nylon D = 150 mm
  • brush abrasive (Abralon) D = 150 mm
  • brush pork bristle D = 150 mm
  • brush horsehair D = 150 mm
  • brush fibre D = 150 mm

Twingo 600 B, 600 BB

Twingo 600 B, 600 BB

  • brushing machine 
  • processing of surfaces of workpieces from wood or composite materials and some plastic substances

Brushing machine Final

Brushing machine Final

  • highly efficient, brushing machine for final adjustment of surfaces.

Have a question for brushing machine Twingo 300B, 300BB? Write to us!

Have a question for brushing machine Twingo 300B, 300BB? Write to us!

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