SR 430

Alternative name: Jointing machine SR 430

Series SR Add to your comparison Surface planer SR 430

SR 430
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Category: Milling machines
Intended use: Massif, composite, plastics

The surface planer SR thicknesser is designed for adjusting the thickness of workpieces made of wood or wood-based materials on one (top) side of the workpiece with the objective of achieving the required thickness of the workpiece, a flat and quality surface. With respect to these properties, the surface planer SR thicknesser is suitable for all woodworking facilities.

Interesting product

  • robust machine with high solidity and length of worktop

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The surface planer SR 430 is designed for:

  • surface treatment – the surface and edge jointing – by means of four blade planing roller.
Motor performance kW 4
Weight kg 486
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2760x820x1130
Number of blades ks 4
Maximum planing width mm 430
Work tool diameter mm 120
Blade roller rpm rpm 4700
Maximum workpiece reduction mm 7
Motor rpm rpm 2880
Angle of ruler declination ° 0-45
Multipurpose diameter of exhaust nozzle mm 150
Required minimum suction output mm 3 /hod 2000
Air suction speed m/s 22

Standard equipment

  • length of work table - 2750 mm      
  • size of fence  1300x150 mm
  • tiltable fence  0°- 45°
  • cutterhead  Ø 120 mm, 4 knives
  • manual star/delta switch
  • electromagnetic brake
  • exhaust outlet  Ø = 150 mm
  • CE certification

Optional equipment

  • motor 7,5HP (5,5kW)  for SR 430
  • electronic measuring of cut depth
  • automatic star/delta switch
  • upper control panel
  • foldable cutterhead guard
  • auxiliary fence for processing of narrow workpieces
  • cutterhead for knives type "Tersa"
  • knife setting device with indicator
  • spiral cutterhead with insert knives
  • extra set of insert knives -  10pcs
  • set of screws M5x14 TORX 20 (for P92 40)- 10 pcs
  • grooved table

Surface planer SR 530

Surface planer SR 530

  • the surface planer SR thicknesser is designed for adjusting the thickness of workpieces made of wood or wood-based materials.

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