CNC centre Mercury


The machine construction is made of sheet metal workpiece cinders that are subsequently annealed to reduce internal strains and machined. For better absorption of vibration the pedestal construction is filled with concrete, which responds with the weight of the machine at about 4,8 t. Characteristic feature is the console construction of the cross-member (arm).

We produce the machine since 2008


The CNC centre Mercury is designed for:

  • production of furniture parts, window frames, etc.

Interesting product

  • tri-axial woodworking device
  •  production of furniture parts, window frames, etc.
  • up to the height of the workpiece of 300 mm.


Travel X 4 330 mm
Travel Z 450 mm
Maximum dimension of the workpiece in axis X 3 200 mm
Motor power 3 kW
Maximum workpiece dimension in axis Y 1 250 mm
Maximum workpiece dimension in axis Z 300 mm
Fast shift - axis X and Y 70 m/min
Fast shift - axis Z 35 m/min
Performance 7,5 kW
Max rpm 24 000 rpm
C axis optional -
Rotary tool magazine 14 No.
Spindle rpm and slotting saws 3 200 rpm
Vertical spindles X+Y 10 No.
Horizontal spindles X+Y 3 No.
Slotting saw diameter 120 mm
Clamping stop HSK F63
Weight 4 800 kg

3D Model


    Standard equipment

    • console table - type K
    • raster table - type R
    • smooth table - type G
    • main milling electrical spindle
    • drill head
    • rotary instrument chamber
    • lubrication
    • auxiliary outputs of compressed air and vacuum
    • connection underpressure
    • safety devices
    • control - siemens sinumerik 840D-SL

    Optional equipment

    • electric spindle 14,4 kW
    • the horizontal chisel aggregate 1,5 kW
    • the horizontal chisel aggregate 3 kW
    • tilting chisel aggregate 1,5 kW
    • rotary saw 0°-90°
    • preparation for the axis C
    • rot. Instrument cartridge
    • special tool cartridge
    • the desk beam
    • front and side stop pins for the beam desk
    • front and side stop pins for the raster smooth desk
    • center and side stop pins for the beam desk
    • aluminium smooth table with threaded steel inserts M12
    • aluminium raster tale with vacuum distribution
    • vacuum pump 150 m3/hr
    • vacuum pump 250 m3/hr
    • vacuum pump 500 m3/hr
    • vacuum reservior 250l
    • vacuum reservior 500l
    • belt conveyor for splinters
    • digital dosplay of position of the beam directly on the beam
    • laser projector
    • splinter rectifier - HSK F63
    • the stop pin extension
    • buffers at the back of the cabin
    • NC controlled closing of suction valves

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    45 countries

    45 countries

    We export to 45 countries all over the worlds. Our machines run also in overseas states.



    Houfek machine have unique rigid design. We care about maximum quality of all parts and components.



    We offer service and replacement of parts besides sales.

    Own development

    Own development

    We are unique. All our machines are result of our own development.