Thickenesser Aligator A 630

Massif Composite

ALIGATOR thicknesser is used for removal of the wood layer from one (top) side of material with the objective to reach required thickness of the workpiece, flat and quality surface.
With respect to these properties, ALIGATOR thicknesser is designed for all woodworking facilities. The
machine is designed for two control points.

Machine benefits

We produce the machine since 2001
We delivered the machine to 19 of the world's countries
We produced the machine for 1300 of satisfied customers
motor power 7,5 kW motor power 7,5 kW
planing thickness range 3 - 300 mm planing thickness range 3 - 300 mm
variable feed speed adjustment variable feed speed adjustment


The thickenessing machine Aligator A630 is designed for:

  • the thickness adjustment of wooden workpieces and materials made on wood base on one (upper) side of workpiece with the goal to achieve the required workpiece thickness, flat and quality product. Considering the features, the thickenesser series ALIGATOR is designed for all woodworking shops.

Interesting product

  • highly efficient machine with high operating comfort and excellent accuracy


Work table width 650 mm
Work table length 1 200 mm
Motor RPM 2 880 rpm
Number of knives 4 pcs.
Cutterhead RPM 4 600 m/min
Exhaust air speed 19 m/s
Motor power 7,5 kW
Maximum planing width 630 mm
Feed motor power 0,75 kW
Feed speed 4 - 19 m/min
Minimum length of planed material 310 mm
Cutter head diameter 120 mm
Cutterhead length 650 mm
Dust extraction outlet diameter 150 mm
Machine dimensions (L/W/H) 1450x1200x1250 mm
Weight 1 110 kg


3D Model


    Standard equipment

    • motorized table height adjustment, two speeds 1/6 mm/s
    • automatic table height adjustment
    • work table length 1200 mm
    • 1 infeed grooved roller
    • 2 outfeed steel rollers
    • automatic star/delta switch
    • electromagnetic brake
    • feed frequency convertor - speed 4 – 19 m/min
    • cutter head  Ø 120 mm, 4 knives
    • divided infeed pressure segments, outfeed pressure bar
    • work table support  - 4 points
    • min./max. working height  3 - 300 mm
    • exhaust outlet Ø 150 mm
    • knife setting device with indicator
    • noise reduction features
    • CE  certification

    Optional accessories

    • motor 15HP (11kW )                                                              
    • serrated segmented infeed roller
    • front and rear extension rollers
    • two height adjustable rollers in thicknessing table
    • rubbered infeed roller
    • two rubbered outfeed rollers
    • rear extension table 1200 mm 
    • spiral cutterhead with insert knives
    • set of insert knives - 10 pcs
    • set of screws - 10 pcs
    • cutterhead for knives type "Tersa"
    • extra set of knives
    • extra set of knives type "Tersa"
    • grooved table

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    45 countries

    45 countries

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