Edge sander HB 1000

HB1000 is multipurpose edge sander with belt oscillation and height adjustable sanding unit designed for demanding works with large dimension parts. The machine can be used for sanding veneer edges, sanding the edges on the propeller roller or by means of sanding rollers of various diameters.

Product benefits

We produce the machine since 1998
We delivered the machine to 20 of the world's countries
We produced the machine for 2100 of satisfied customers
sanding belt width is 200 mm sanding belt width is 200 mm
sanding belt length is 3200 mm sanding belt length is 3200 mm
motor power 3 kW motor power 3 kW
tilting table 0-45° tilting table 0-45°
work table dimensions 400 x 1000 mm work table dimensions 400 x 1000 mm


The edge sander HB 1000 is multipurpose machine designed for:

  • sanding of perpendicular and bevelled edges of smaller workpieces placed on height adjustable worktop with the option of using the support rotary ruler forming a part of optional equipment
  • sanding surfaces of minor parts on tilted desk at the sanding unit with the option of using the longitudinal shifting ruler attached on the worktop
  • sanding round and radius edges and surfaces of small parts by means of the sanding ruler using the height adjustable, auxiliary desk

Interesting product

  • high performance edge sander of verified construction with extensive accessories for radius sanding, veneer edges, and with the option of feeding device assembly


Work table width 400 mm
Sanding belt width 200 mm
Sanding belt length 3 200 mm
Sanding belt speed 13 m/min
Work table length 1 000 mm
Work table tilt 0 - 45 °
Motor power 3 kW
Dust extraction outlet diameter 2x120 mm
Weight 500 kg

3D Model


    Standard equipment

    • motor 3 kW / 4 HP, 1400 rpm, 13 m/s
    • width of belt 200 mm, belt length 3200 mm
    • tilting working desk 0 - 45°
    • lifting sanding unit
    • mechanical belt stretching
    • belt oscillation
    • CE electric and safety standard

    Optional accessories

    • motor 2,2 kw, supply voltage - 1 phase 230V/50Hz
    • motor with electrically controlled brake
    • two speed motor 13 / 26 m/s
    • frequency converter of the main sanding unit motor 3 - 20 m/s
    • side desk 460 x 440 mm with suction outlet diameter 120 mm for sanding on propeller roller + rubber coated roller
    • adjustment for accurate base sanding with workpiece guiding, including flat base, additional shifting desk 1000 x 400 mm
    • adjustment for sanding with sanding rollers with auxiliary desk 460 x 400 mm with suction outlet diam. 120 mm including the sanding roller diam. 60 mm with sanding paper
    • additional shifting desk 1000 x 400 mm
    • angle ruler solid or shifting in "T" slot
    • pneumatic stretching of sanding belt
    • feeding device for sanding on propeller roller controlled with pedal Console for feeding device
    • pneumatic blow for cleaning the sanding belt
    • suction hub on worktop with magnetic fixture
    • set of rollers , diameter 45-80-120 mm

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    45 countries

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