Surface planer SR 530

Massif Plastics Composite

The surface planer SR thicknesser is designed for adjusting the thickness of workpieces made of wood or wood-based materials on one (top) side of the workpiece with the objective of achieving the required thickness of the workpiece, a flat and quality surface. With respect to these properties, the surface planer SR thicknesser is suitable for all woodworking facilities.

Machine benefits

We produce the machine since 2008
We delivered the machine to 19 of the world's countries
We produced the machine for 650 of satisfied customers
maximum planing width up to 530 mm maximum planing width up to 530 mm
fence 1300 x 150 mm fence 1300 x 150 mm
work tables total length 2750 mm work tables total length 2750 mm
5 knife cutter head 5 knife cutter head
motor power 5,5 kW motor power 5,5 kW


The surface planer SR 530 is designed for:

  • surface treatment – the surface and edge jointing – by means of four blade planing roller

Interesting product

  • robust machine with high solidity and length of worktop


Working tool diameter 120 mm
Number of knives 4 pcs.
Cutterhead RPM 4 700 rpm
Exhaust air speed 22 m/s
Motor power 4 kW
Maximum planing width 530 mm
Maximum stock removal 7 mm
Minimum dust extraction capacity 120
Weight 620 kg

3D Model


    Standard equipment

    • length of work table - 2750 mm      
    • size of fence  1300x150 mm
    • tiltable fence  0°- 45°
    • cutterhead  Ø 120 mm, 4 knives
    • manual star/delta switch
    • electromagnetic brake
    • exhaust outlet  Ø = 150 mm
    • CE certification

    Optional accessories

    • motor 7,5HP (5,5kW)  for SR 530
    • electronic measuring of cut depth
    • automatic star/delta switch
    • upper control panel
    • foldable cutterhead guard
    • auxiliary fence for processing of narrow workpieces
    • cutterhead for knives type "Tersa"
    • knife setting device with indicator
    • spiral cutterhead with insert knives
    • extra set of insert knives -  10pcs
    • set of screws

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    45 countries

    45 countries

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