Wide belt sander Buldog 5 1100

Massif Wood Veneer Varnish

Original construction of the production series if machines Buldog 5 was developed for customers who require simplicity, reliability, and quality of all sanding technologies. The sanding of massif, veneer surfaces, and varnishes is a simple matter for this machine. The machine is recognized for its robustness, reliability, and variability of sanding aggregates combinations. The assets of wide-belt sanders series Buldog – after producing several thousands of pieces – is the verified satisfaction and reliability at the customers worldwide.

Product benefits

We produce the machine since 1996
We delivered the machine to 18 of the world's countries
We produced the machine for 3500 of satisfied customers
motor power 11 kW - possibility to increase to 18,5 kW motor power 11 kW - possibility to increase to 18,5 kW


Wide-belt sander Buldog 5 is designed for:

  • sanding workpieces made from wood, wood base composite materials, paper and some plastic materials and metals
  • the sanded materials must not sparkle during sanding or change its features and shape due to increasing temperature occuring during sanding

Interesting product

  • multipurpose machine with the option of fitting with various operating aggregates verified robust construction


Working width 1 100 mm
Sanding belt length 1 900 mm
Contact roller diameter 160 mm
Maximum workpiece height 160 mm
Min. workpiece height 3 mm
Feed belt speed 4,5/9 m/min
Sanding belt speed 18 m/min
Operating pressure 5,5 bar
Compressed air consumption 20-80 l/min
Exhaust air speed 20 m/s
Dust extraction outlet diameter 150 mm
Voltage / frequency 3/N/PE 400V/50Hz V / Hz
Weight 1 230 kg

3D Model


    Standard equipment

    • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 90 Sh (R, C, RR, RC, FC, RRR, RRC, FRC)
    • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 45 Sh (RR, RC, RRR, RRC, FRC)
    • milling roller (FC, FRC)
    • sanding belt width 1900 mm
    • motorized desk lift Automatic switching - star / triangle
    • ammeter for measuring the motor current of sanding unit
    • oscillation control sanding belt by means of optic electric sensor with infrared beam
    • desk positioner
    • mechanically adjustable base
    • electronic desk position measuring with digital indicator
    • operating pressure switch 3,5-4 bar
    • two speeds of feeding belt 4,5/ 9 m/min
    • rubber coated thrust rollers
    • pneumatic disk brake of main motor
    • pneumatic lift of sanding belt for 1. Unit and mechanical lift for gr. Belt for 2. Unit
    • noise pollution inspection
    • CE electric and safety standard

    Optional accessories

    • 15 HP (11 kw)
    • motor 20HP (15kw)
    • motor 25HP (18,5kw)
    • motor Two speeds of sanding belt 9/18 m/sec (max. 11 kw)
    • two speed motor for desk lifting
    • operating roller rubber coated D=160 mm, 30, 45, 60, 90 Sh
    • steel roller D=160 mm Adjustment for sanding belt length 2200 mm (machine height + 200 mm)
    • frequency converter of feeding belt speed 3 - 12 m/min
    • frequency converter of the main motor- belt speed 3 - 24 m/s
    • NC machine control colour Touchscreen 10,4"
    • automatic desk movement to entered position
    • desk lift 220 mm
    • limiting the maximum workpiece reduction - mechanical
    • thrust bars for sanding short pieces
    • automatic centering of feeding belt
    • automatic desk positioner
    • pneumatic blow for cleaning sanding belt
    • pneumatic time blow for cleaning the sanding paper
    • pneumatic time blow with nozzle oscillation for cleaning sanding belt
    • module for parts cleaning with rotary brush Ø 140 mm, 1,1 kw (1,5 HP)
    • parts cleaning module with orbital blow Additional desk - inlet, additional desk - outlet
    • pneumatic base
    • pneumatic base with bounce and thrust
    • two position base with bounce and thrust
    • divided, pneumatically controlled base, bounce and thrust, width of segment 30 mm
    • divided, electronically controlled base, bounce and thrust, width of segment 30 mm + NC machine control
    • pneumatically lifting 2.Operating unit
    • vacuum desk
    • air pump 4 kw

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    45 countries

    45 countries

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    Service 24/7

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