Wide belt sander Buldog 9 1350

Massif Wood Veneer Varnish

Buldog 9 is wide belt sander machine. With its construction and options is designed for high demand operation during the sanding of massif, veneer surfaces, MDF or base putties and varnishes.

The permanent desk height enables to use the machine in technological lines. The achieved high quality of grinded surfaces and the level of automated sanding processed ranks the machine amongst the highest class.


Wide belt sander Buldog 9 is designed for:

  • sanding workpieces made from wood, wood base composite materials, paper and some plastic materials and metals.

Product interests

  • high performance robust machine suitable for production lines
  • the machine can be fitted with various aggregates
  • Buldog 9 is designed for the highest demands for performance and operating load

Buldog 9


Working width 1 350 mm
Sanding belt width 1 380 mm
Sanding belt length 2 620 mm
Motor power 22 kW
Weight 15 500 kg


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45 countries

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